Carla Colour

As any picture of Australia native Carla Robertson makes clear, she’s a woman who’s not afraid of piling on the bright hues. It’s a wardrobe preference she had trouble satisfying when she first began wearing glasses ten years ago. An avid thrift shopper who was fully bummed out by “the lack of fun” in eyewear, she found a stopgap solution in vintage frames (the cornerstone of her collection is an amazing pair in crystal-clear acetate she dug up in Amsterdam). 

As an advertising creative who’s worked with fashion brands like Aldo, it had crossed her mind to design her own glasses. But it wasn’t until she found out she was expecting twins that she decided to take the plunge and launch Carla Colour, a unisex line of lightweight frames in mix-and-match Jolly Rancher-reminiscent tints. She produced the photoshoot for her first collection at seven months pregnant, and eighteen months later was already in the thick of developing her third collection. Now based in Brooklyn, the designer explains: “I got into this because I wanted to wear some interesting, fun eyewear. As long as I’m making stuff I want to wear, I think other people will like it too.” So far, so good—because we can’t get enough.