Correll Correll

Our creative vision is grounded in a holistic approach to fashion, which is embedded in every aspect of our design and production and woven into every garment. From our use of locally sourced and recycled materials to the hand-based production methods we use in our Brooklyn workshop we make environmentally and socially sustainable materials and methods inherent to the production of each unique product.

We combine an emphasis on local suppliers and producers with an experimental approach to traditional forms of production. Our creative vision is based upon reinterpreting the traditional art forms of dying, knitting, weaving and crocheting in the context of cutting edge luxury fashion.

Our holistic approach sees bridging the contrasts between sustainable design and luxury markets, traditional handicrafts and high fashion, environmental responsibility and market competitiveness, as an essential element of innovative design. We are dedicated to the view that sustainable materials and production processes are not an aesthetic limit but an opportunity to develop exciting new directions for the future of fashion.

Our designs cater to a sophisticated costumer with an appreciation of a garment’s material quality and who is sensitive to its production. Our insistence on the quality of our products at all stages of design and manufacture has helped use develop a strong local following and a fast expanding list of global buyers.