My love of jewelry started when I was young, with my grandfather's collection of Native American jewelry. He collected all kinds of things from pins to belt buckles, money clips, huge rings and bracelets over many years of living in the Southwest.  He would tell me the stories of where they came from and would let me try them on...I always wondered how they were made, where the stones came from, and what kinds of tools were used in the process. I loved the feeling those pieces of jewelry evoked, the weight of the silver, the colorful stones, the textures in the metal that showed that it had been formed by hand. These memories stayed with me when I learned to make jewelry, and were the original inspiration for wanting to create one of a kind wearable art. 

Sierra Keylin Jewelry is built by hand in Yucca Valley, California.  Each piece is fabricated from Sterling Silver and unique natural stones.  Using traditional silversmithing techniques, I am connected to a centuries-old tradition of handmade, wearable art.  I am proud to carry on this tradition, and pass that connection on to the people who wear my jewelry.